Where do I begin…?

Rarely a day goes by when my mind is not mulling over a number of issues that affect not only me, my family, the young badminton players that I coach, our country, our society, our values and, most importantly (in my mind) our planet earth and the way we treat it. People don’t have time to talk about these things anymore, unless they are involved with any kind of activist group or maybe over a pint or two. They will listen to the news, maybe read a Facebook/Twitter post or be affected themselves by something or other and to me, it almost stops there as our general attitude to living these days is “well, there’s nothing I can do about it…” and so things continue to slide or stagnate.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that I do much about it, either, but I know that I will go mad if I can’t at least articulate and ‘put out there’ some of the things I believe in, or think about. I know that others think in the same way but change needs to happen in our lifetime to the way we all behave – whether it’s the way we eat, the way we consume everything generally and the way we interact with our families, our society and nature. Our dependencies on everything that is superficial, artificial or downright poisonous is laughable if it weren’t so seemingly irredeemable.

But believe it or not, I’m not a misery, a sentimentalist or a doom-laden prophet! I love the idea of hope and change and giving. I believe we all are capable of immense and wonderful things and we only have to recognise this to make any changes that are needed in our lives – whether for our own good or the greater good. So I don’t ask forgiveness for sharing my thoughts with the world – whether they get lost in the ether or whether they are read by one or a million – as I write with the love of our planet and mankind at my core.



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