I did it! “Edwin’s Ghost” is live…

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It’s been so many years in the making. God only knows when I dreamt this story – well, the bare bones of the story – but it had to be the best part of 18 years ago. I even dreamt the title of “Edwin’s Ghost”. It was one of those dreams that you remember clearly when you wake up, and so I wrote it down thinking “well, what do I know of haunted houses, children who see and speak with the departed, and 1920’s jazz?” As luck would have it, 16 years ago we moved into a pleasantly haunted house. Handy!

When someone I know (not on a personal level) read this story they told me they felt they were a voyeur into my life… I smiled, because although there is a lot of stuff in the story that is based on my experiences (after all, don’t you write about what you know?) I most certainly didn’t write an autobiography, so that gave me quite a boost of confidence, knowing that I’d fooled folk into believing in the main character, if nothing else!

I started writing the story about 12 years ago and then my badminton academy commitments entirely took over my life so I stopped half way through, picked it up after a break of some 8 years or so, and tried to start writing again. Goodness, that was hard! I was a different person before and what I had written seemed alien to me and it took a while to get back into the story. When I finished it, it sat lurking in the depths of my hard drive for three years whilst I plucked up the courage to give it to the world (or the half dozen wonderful people who have read it already!).

Two or three years ago – or even just last year – I didn’t have any self confidence or believe that I had the right to inflict my story on anyone, but now it’s ‘out there’. Whether anyone else reads it or not is way beyond my control and that is kind of liberating.

Now I need to get working on the hundreds of other stories I have bubbling away in my head, but they’ll need to be fitted in around my university studies. So, watch this space…!

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