I have a book to write…

I have a book to write – well, I have a book to finish. I started writing it years ago and have always seemed to find some excuse not to continue writing it. I’m a good quarter of the way through it but the problem is having left it so many years untouched I am finding that I am a totally different person to the one who started writing it. It’s hard reading stuff that I wrote well over 5 years or more ago without wanting to scrap it and start all over. With over 30,000 words written it might be hard to do…

There was a time when my head wasn’t so full of the many things that both trouble and excite me and there was room in my grey matter to think about my book. Nowadays I am consumed with the myriad pressing, challenging and interesting diversions that fill my consciousness from running our badminton academy and being the best influence I can on many children, to what we can do to improve the prospects of survival in this world of ever-increasing depletion of resources and what we can do to help save our precious planet. On top of that I care so deeply about our diets – our reliance on processed foods and the contamination of our natural foods by toxic pesticides and fertilizers and the way food is marketed to us. And then I am consumed by my dream to build my own home, to live off the land and reduce our carbon footprint. That seems to be the dream that never gets any closer.

When you are challenged by the way of the world – when you are deeply affected by the apocalyptic possibilities that will continue to threaten us if we don’t have a massive shift in attitude and a better understanding of how our world is governed by profit, greed, corporate control and secrecy – it’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed sometimes by how much each individual is responsible for making change. We are at the mercy of the chemical giants who have their hands in every pocket in the land from the individual who is forced into buying their processed products because that is the only way to get ‘cheap’ food/consumables to the medical profession (including vets etc) who are blackmailed into selling their drugs and ‘specialist foods’ at over-inflated prices right up to governments who are partially funded by these corporations to force through laws that will protect their survival and increase their profit margins.

It’s easy to see how conspiracy theories blossom.

And it’s easy to see how quickly I digress and how difficult I’m going to find it to finish my book! And you’ll never guess what it’s all about!  A ghost called Edwin…

Discipline, girl, discipline!


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