30 Apr

Excuses or Success – What’s it to be?

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As a near full-time badminton coach I hear excuses that come in an ever-widening range of shapes and sizes and some of them come from me too, at times when things get tough! There is always, almost without fail, some excuse for not achieving our full potential in badminton (or any sport or life choice) – whether it was a simple shot we didn’t get to because in our excuse-making mind the opposition was always going to win that point so it wasn’t worth the effort or a massive excuse for not pushing for a massive dream, e.g. I’ll never play for England because I’m not good enough/I started playing too late/I don’t train in a club in Milton Keynes/everyone else is better than me! Read More

29 Apr

The Medal Tree

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One day a young boy was out walking in the other side of town with his Mum when he saw an immensely tall tree that was so high that it went way above the clouds. The tree was the most beautiful tree he had ever seen but it was in a very dirty and old part of town where little else grew. What surprised him and excited him most about this tree was that from about 20 feet up in the branches there appeared to be what looked like a bronze coloured disc. When he looked closer he could see a few more a little further up. As he craned his neck to look further up the tree he could see even more discs – there were many of them in fact – that were firstly a mixture of bronze and silver colour and then one or two gold coloured ones became visible. The boy stood with his mouth open and his eyes wider still. At the top of the tree were huge big golden discs. Lots of them! He could hardly believe what he was seeing. Read More