I did it! “Edwin’s Ghost” is live…

It’s been so many years in the making. God only knows when I dreamt this story – well, the bare bones of the story – but it had to be the best part of 18 years ago. I even dreamt the title of “Edwin’s Ghost”. It was one of those dreams that you remember clearly when you wake up, and so I wrote it down thinking “well, what do I know of haunted houses, children who see and speak with the departed, and 1920’s jazz?” As luck would have it, 16 years ago we moved into a pleasantly haunted house. Handy!

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The plight of the virgin novelist

Mm, well I’m no virgin but I have just written my first novel. And God, was it painful! Well, it still is.

The highs, the lows, the doubt, and the pleasure. Damn that dream I had twelve years ago that gave me the plot and the title, the subsequent life changes that gave me the requisite material, and blast that psychic who told me I had a book to write that would take me to places I couldn’t imagine I’d ever go. And no, she didn’t know me from Adam. What kind of existential dilemma have I been Vaselined and shoe-horned into? Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Value Added Children

Last night I realised something quite shocking: – we don’t tell our children how much we value them. I’m not talking about telling a child that they have done something well, or are gifted, well-educated or beautiful, etc. I’m talking about telling children that they make a difference to our lives. We praise them, sometimes too much and possibly unjustifiably and inappropriately, but we don’t let them know that they, too, can inspire us adults and make us feel happy, energised and valued.

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I have a book to write…

I have a book to write – well, I have a book to finish. I started writing it years ago and have always seemed to find some excuse not to continue writing it. I’m a good quarter of the way through it but the problem is having left it so many years untouched I am finding that I am a totally different person to the one who started writing it. It’s hard reading stuff that I wrote well over 5 years or more ago without wanting to scrap it and start all over. With over 30,000 words written it might be hard to do… Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail