Why University For All?

Well, I heard a snippet of a news article on BBC Radio this morning that said that schools should start encouraging fewer children to consider going on to University from now on. Now can I find that article anywhere on the BBC News website? Of course I can’t. I wanted to¬† reference it here in my words but as I can’t I’ll just use my own words anyway. This subject has prompted many episodes of anger from me over the years and I can only hope that whatever this news article was suggesting becomes reality sometime soon. A did find an article in the Daily Telegraph from December 2013 but I’m sure I’m not in some kind of time warp. Continue reading


The plight of the virgin novelist

Mm, well I’m no virgin but I have just written my first novel. And God, was it painful! Well, it still is.

The highs, the lows, the doubt, and the pleasure. Damn that dream I had twelve years ago that gave me the plot and the title, the subsequent life changes that gave me the requisite material, and blast that psychic who told me I had a book to write that would take me to places I couldn’t imagine I’d ever go. And no, she didn’t know me from Adam. What kind of existential dilemma have I been Vaselined and shoe-horned into? Continue reading


The Backside of Volunteering

I was listening to part of the Good Morning Sunday program on Radio 2 last weekend and it was dedicated to volunteering. It was what spurred on my need to write this. It was focussing, while I was listening anyway, on those excellent people who volunteer to help the sick, the elderly, the disabled and disadvantaged. I didn’t hear the entire program, and I’m sure I’ll be told off if I’m wrong, but I suspect that little emphasis was placed on appreciating the work of those who volunteer in every other aspect of social and community living outside of the care industry. Continue reading



Every day my poor brain is filled with things I want to say or write about. I’ve decided to list the blog topics I want to write about as an incentive to get on and do it! If this list grows exponentially then I’m not writing enough! Or something like that…

On Volunteering – Done

The Courteous Road User

Car Insurance

Rail Travel


Christmas Smellfungus?

I felt I had to write something about the QI Elves Word of the Day (19thC) – Smellfungus – someone who always manages to find fault.

I have often wondered what Twitter has to offer us mere mortals who gaze at the feed wondering what the bloody hell it is all about and this evening I almost got it! It’s about sharing knowledge or links to interesting stuff. Have I got that wrong? Probably, knowing me.

But someone tweeted about the word of the day and I latched on. And I learned how to retweet! Woohoo – goodness only knows who will ever see my ‘retweet’ but at least I’ve pressed all the buttons and found the right one. Things are looking up. Continue reading