It’s been quite a hideous year, has 2015, in some way or other. There has been a moment or two of joy but, my God, the rest of it has been all over the shop and I can only be glad I can put the crap stuff behind me now. New Year has the capacity to allow you to do that. Funny really; you should be able to make any date in the year the day you decide to shove the past backwards into oblivion without a passing glance and embrace the prospect of exciting new things with open arms. But it rarely happens like that.

And, as I think about hitting the sack at nine thirty on New Year’s Eve, I realise that an early night just ain’t gonna happen. Fireworks in the back and beyond village I live in? With my dogs going bonkers barking at them means not a quiet night to be had here.

So, I’ll sit at my pooter feeling dreadfully self-conscious that I will no doubt be called a miserable sod (well, my father has already dubbed me that) for refusing to partake of customary jollities and do what I want to do every day next year – write.

After all, I gave up my ten year, sixty hour a week voluntary vocation to dedicate myself to writing and I can’t really make any more excuses. I have a writing room, I have time,  I have a supportive husband, I have ideas that keep me awake at night and deeply pensive when all around me are trying to talk to me!

Time to move on from enforced house moves, death of beloved dogs, emptiness following the end of my previous raison d’etre (where the hell is the keyboard shortcut for the thingy that goes on top of the ‘e’?). Time to recognise that giving your time to others for nothing eight days a week doesn’t actually help you achieve any of your own goals, and to accept that you’re probably not missed anywhere near as much as you miss those that you worked with. Ho hum.

So, here’s to the rewrite of my WIP’s first draft and to writing my next series of novels. The ideas are all there – just need to boost the self confidence knob up a notch or two. And here’s to puppies learning to behave, mud drying up soon, and sleep!



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